Enneagram Type Ones like to do things correctly and to high standards, are sticklers for rules, and pay close attention to detail. They also avoid making mistakes. To others, they appear perfectionistic, responsible and exacting.

Ones are typically sticklers for rules and details, and get frustrated when things don’t live up to their very high standards – at work, in relationships or in their day-to-day lives.

Deepest Fear: Ones fear being “bad people,” morally flawed, or otherwise seen as imperfect. They cope with this fear by being rigidly disciplined and very hard on themselves (and often, those around them, too).

Core Motivation: Ones strive to be good and honorable – and to live a life with purpose. They seek the best and most correct way to do things.

Key Personality Traits of Type One

  • Serious and straightforward during conversation
  • Attuned to practicality and frugality
  • Hardworking and diligent as employees
  • High internal standards
  • Rigidity in plans and decisions
  • Intense ability to concentrate
  • Natural talent for teaching and instructing

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Enneagram Type One: Deep Dive

Perfectionists are responsible and serious-minded pragmatists. They want to find purpose in their lives, in particular the ability to improve the welfare of people and make things better for the greater good.

To do this, they use their best judgment to find solutions that can be applied in the real world. They have a deep appreciation and interest in ethics, and frequently spend time evaluating and adjusting their moral compass as necessary.

Often, Ones have a clear life mission outlined in their mind, and they work very hard behind the scenes to transform that powerful vision into reality – with a strong sense of duty and tenaciousness. Quiet and controlled, they will follow through with their words and commitments.

Perfectionists are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their work is top-notch and curated to perfection. They take great pride in crafting streamlined schedules and plans to carry out tasks in the most efficient manner possible — optimization is a lifestyle choice.

Within the structure of the Enneagram, Ones belong to the “body-based” triad, along with Type Eight and Type Nine. This triad focuses on the core emotion of anger, which Type Ones cope with by designing their lives around order and control.

The Perfectionist feels that if they have everything organized and under control, they will not have to worry about negative emotional experiences like anger and frustration. Because this type sees anger as “wrong,” they will repress it, which can ultimately lead to feelings of resentment, self-loathing and regret.

Type Ones often grow up in environments where there is a lot of chaos and uncertainty. Because of this, Type Ones often feel responsible for holding everything together. As long as they can maintain order, the One believes that everything will be “good.”

Because Ones believe they are always right, they can be overly critical of both themselves and others. Healthy Ones learn to accept imperfection and accept themselves and others as they are, rather than focus on how they “should” be.

Enneagram Type One:
Strengths and Weaknesses

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