Build a High-Performance Team

Elevate your team’s performance to unparalleled heights with BPTPro’s one-of-a-kind behavioral evaluations and customized action plans for every individual member. Discover how top-tier teams leverage these invaluable insights for transformative results.

Define culture and values

Elevate your workplace culture and values from mere slogans to actionable day-to-day practices with BPTPro. Go beyond the aspirational mottos like “Be Bold,” “Customer First,” or “Move Fast,” and instill them into the very fabric of your team’s daily interactions.

BPTPro not only identifies the key behavioral traits within your team but also serves as a blueprint for integrating your company’s core values and culture into your operational DNA. Create a powerful, unified way of performing as a team, transforming your aspirations into impactful action.

Establish effective team norms

Whether you’re spearheading a fresh team or stepping up to lead a seasoned one, establishing effective team norms is crucial. Forget ambiguous guidelines—BPTPro provides you with a precise, data-backed report that covers every facet of your team’s collaborative efforts, delivering measurable insights into current behavior patterns. This not only furnishes you with a rich framework but also a common vocabulary for more effective communication and discussion.

Fallen in love with your initial BPTPro findings? The platform will keep on providing you personalized insights for your team every day.

Supercharge your team offsites

Why settle for the status quo when your team can exit every offsite meeting significantly enhanced—communicating effortlessly, solving issues proficiently, making smarter decisions, and executing tasks with unmatched efficiency? Traditional team-building gimmicks like trust falls and escape rooms often fall short of delivering these outcomes.

BPTPro offers a game-changing alternative. Just reserve a brief segment of your offsite gathering to explore your BPTPro results, guided by our included insights. In as little as 45 minutes, you’ll equip your team with a unified language to describe behaviors, identify actionable steps for growth, and gain a deeper understanding of how each member uniquely contributes to the team’s synergy. The result? Your team hits the ground running, fully optimized for peak performance, as soon as the next business day.

Help every team member to unlock their full potential

Looking to cultivate your next team leader or simply unlock the latent potential in each of your team members?

Our BPTPro individualized reports serve as an empirical roadmap for personal growth. They pinpoint the exact ways each team member can elevate their performance, contribute more effectively to the team, and enhance their daily work life. This crystal-clear guide empowers you to be the most effective coach you can be, making it easier than ever to inspire and lead your team to new heights.

Foster cross-functional collaboration

Your role as a leader isn’t just to steer your team but also to navigate them successfully through the complexities of organizational collaboration.

BPTPro equips you with an actionable blueprint that delineates your team’s operational strengths and areas for growth. This invaluable roadmap is not just for internal use; it’s a tool for shaping how your team collaborates across departments and functionalities. Multiply the impact by encouraging other units to leverage BPTPro. Then, kick off your joint projects with a facilitated discussion that uses these insights, setting the stage for enhanced communication and teamwork not just within your team, but across the entire organization.

Mitigate conflicts with a team

Dealing with friction within your team or between specific team members? Turn to your BPTPro dashboard for an unbiased, data-driven diagnosis of the underlying issues. Our insightful analysis offers you an objective and constructive way to understand the crux of workplace conflicts. Armed with these insights, utilize BPTPro’s tailored recommendations to craft an action plan that fosters resolution and harmony. Redirect your team’s energy from internal strife to external success, getting everyone back in sync and on the path to collective achievement.

Take onboarding to a new level

The initial phase of integrating a new hire is often the make-or-break moment for how well they’ll blend into your team’s culture and operational rhythm.

Add them to your team on BPTPro platform during their inaugural week, providing an indispensable guide for navigating interactions and collaborations with the rest of the squad. This iterative approach not only helps new members acclimate faster but also keeps your team dynamic fluid and adaptive, driving continuous improvement.

Gauge culture and team fit

Gauging culture and team compatibility is often a cornerstone of the interview process, but let’s face it—the usual questions can be nebulous and disconnected from the real-world dynamics of your team.

Enter BPTPro. Our platform offers a robust, data-driven portrait of your team’s functioning, serving as a litmus test for assessing how well potential recruits will mesh—or clash—with your existing team. No more guesswork; with BPTPro, you get a precise framework to determine the fit of each candidate, streamlining your hiring process and setting your team up for continued success.

Attract the best of the best with a sharp recruiting pitch

You know the query that always comes up from prospective hires: “What’s the team culture like here?” 

With BPTPro, your squad is armed with the insights and vocabulary to answer that question in a manner that is not only confident but also consistent and accurate. This equips you with a unique edge in showcasing to potential recruits what sets your team apart—its operational rhythm, cultural nuances, and collaborative spirit. In doing so, you’re not just answering a question; you’re magnetizing your team to attract and hold onto top-tier talent.

Discover your team's unique personality

Invite your team and finally uncover what makes your team tick.

Get your team on the same page
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