Best 7 DISC Assessments (Free & Paid Tests) [2024]

DiSC personality tests are some of the most popular assessments available online. They are insightful and detailed. Anyone who is interested in learning more about your personality should consider trying some of these assessments, as they can have an immense impact on your life.

However, many individuals have doubts about the DiSC tests. They may believe the assessments are not backed in science or take too much time to complete.

However, this could not be further from the truth. The reality is that it could bring many positive effects into your life. In this article, we will discuss what the DiSC tests are and how they can benefit you.

When you think of the DiSC tests, you might overlook many of the different assessments included within the broad category of DiSC assessments.

Therefore, it is key for you to learn about all the different assessments. Here are just a few of the assessments included under the DiSC category:

1. BPTs DISC Test

Link to the test: BPTs

Time Required: 10 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: No

Cost: Free & Paid

The Best Personality Test assessment is a highly detailed assessment that is a form of the DiSC test. The Best Personality website offers many other tests as well, including the Enneagram. The BPT version of the Enneagram is free and proven to be quite accurate.

Numerous studies have shown this version of the Enneagram is reliable, and thousands of people have taken this test. It is relatively quick and straightforward as well. Best of all, the test is completely free.

2. Open Psychometrics

Link to the test: Open Psychometrics

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: No

Cost: Free

Open Psychometrics is another option for you if you wish to take a version of the DiSC test. They give you background on the test and clear instructions before you take it.

There are 16 parts to this assessment where you rate how much you agree or disagree with certain statements. Most people can complete this test within a very quick time frame (4-6 minutes). It is also a free assessment.

3. Truity

Link to the test: Truity

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: No

Cost: Free & Paid

Truity is one of the most popular online personality assessment companies and for good reasons. They offer a wide variety of assessments and appeal to a wide range of individuals. Whether you are an executive or a college student, Truity assessments are insightful and always free.

The tests are scientifically validated according to Truity and you gain tremendous insights from them. After taking any test, you get a short but informative report summarizing your results. There is a free version, but the full report costs $19.

4. 123 Test

Link to the test: 123 Test

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: No

Cost: Free & Paid

The 123 Test company offers assessments ranging from IQ tests to the Big Five. They also have a version of the DiSC test available. 123 Test prides itself on offering scientifically-backed assessments and uses large amounts of data to formulate their questions.

123 Test is featured in and used by many famous organizations, such as the University of Michigan, Harvard Business Review, The Balance, and Medium. Almost 1.5 million people have taken their tests. The assessments are free as well, but for $14.99, you can acquire your full personality report.

5. Tony Robbins

Link to the test: Tony Robbins

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: Yes

Cost: Free & Paid

Tony Robbins is one of the most recognizable names in the field of self-improvement. Millions of people have gotten inspired by his work. He has worked with extremely successful entrepreneurs and started several successful enterprises himself.

His website also offers a DiSC assessment. The test is free to use, and the Tony Robbins Group claims it is a $250 value. You will learn more about your communication methods, teamwork, leadership style, customer service abilities, and more.

6. Crystal

Link to the test: Crystal

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: No (Yes for full report)

Cost: Free & Paid

Another popular version of the DiSC test is administered by a company called Crystal Knows. Over a million people trust this organization with their personality testing needs. The test is accompanied with an in-depth review of DiSCs history and how you can use your results to help you in your daily life.

The descriptions are easy to understand and highly helpful according to many reviewers. Crystal has a free and premium version. The free version is more than enough for most individuals, but teams may opt for the premium option given you can have 20 profiles for $49 per month if you choose the premium option.

7. DISC Personality Testing

Link to the test: DISC Personality Testing

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Email Sign-Up Required: Yes

Cost: Free & Paid

While all of the previous tests are popular and quite reliable, this is the most official assessment out of them all. This organization only focuses on the DiSC test, unlike nearly all other personality test companies.

The test is free to take, but they also have an upgraded version which offers 28 pages of analysis based on your results. This upgraded version will cost you $39.

Are Free DISC Tests 100% Accurate?

One of the most common concerns individuals have with online personality tests centers around their accuracy. Personalities are so unique and individualized, so standardized tests typically do not have the best track record of offering accurate results. However, they can still offer very valuable insights.

The DiSC test does have a scientific basis. Psychologist and researcher William Marston began developing the basis for the assessment as early as in 1928. Throughout the years, many other researchers have affirmed his ideas and shown the accuracy of the DiSC personality assessment.

Additionally, millions of people across the globe have taken this test. Many of them have left highly positive reviews for the Crystal, Truity, 123 Test, Open Psychometric, and all other forms of this assessment. Some of the most famous organizations across the world, including Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, media organizations like Medium, and top universities like the University of Michigan all trust this assessment.

This does not necessarily mean the test is 100% accurate, though. A large portion of the test’s accuracy depends on you. If you take your time during the test and give the most honest answers you can, you will likely gain an immense amount of insights from these assessments. However, if you rush through them and do not pay attention to the questions, the results will not be very accurate.

How Can You Make Your DISC Test More Accurate?

The DiSC test is known for being one of the more accurate and in-depth online personality assessments. However, it is not perfect. To get the most accurate results you can, there are a few things you should keep in mind while taking this test.

For one, you should try to take the assessment at a time when you can focus well. Do not do it the night before a major test or trip, since the emotions may make your responses less accurate.

Instead, choose a time when you have little going on and when you are at peace. Find a quiet place to take the place, too, to avoid distractions.

Answer as honestly as you can if you want to get the most accurate results. It can be hard to respond negatively to an answer when you know the truth, but being honest with yourself is the only way to pursue further growth and get accurate personality test results.

Which DiSC Test Is The Best?

As we have shown throughout this article, there are many different versions of the DiSC assessment. Each of them has a unique list of benefits and drawbacks. The best test for you may differ from the best test for someone else.

Everyone has a unique personality, goals, and needs from an assessment, after all. That being said, some tests are better than others for most people.

One of the best DiSC assessments you can take is the version offered by the Best Personality Tests company. This assessment is offered by a well-trusted platform that is used by over 40 million individuals across the globe. In addition to this, the company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for this assessment.

The test itself is completely free to take. They offer highly detailed insights into your personality and thoroughly explain what each of the results mean.

Unlike other tests that only skim the surface of your personality, this test is highly thorough. It takes only around 15 minutes to complete, too, so you can fit it into nearly any schedule.

Which DiSC Test Is The Quickest?

It is recommended that you find a DiSC assessment that suits your own unique needs. For some people with a very busy schedule, they need a test that can be completed in as little time as possible.

For those individuals, one of the best assessments you could take is the Open Psychometrics version of the DiSC.

This test will only take you about 4-6 minutes. You also do not need to sign up for an account or use your email at all.

However, you will still get high quality analysis and results from taking this quick test. Another fantastic assessment that takes very little time to complete is the Truity test. It is 54 questions and usually takes around 5-10 minutes to complete.

The price is $19 for your full report, but there is also a free option. Other great quick personality tests are the 123 Test (5 minutes, 28 questions), Tony Robbins test (15 minutes and requires an email), and the Crystal test (5 minutes).

How Do I Find My DISC Personality Type?

After reading this article, you might be interested in finding your DiSC personality. The best way to accomplish this is to take an online DiSC assessment.

There are many versions of this test available on the web, as we have previously shown. However, the best one to take for most people is the Best Personality Test assessment.

This test is not very long. However, it gives you highly insightful analysis. You can see just how many individuals trust this test by recognizing that over 40 million individuals have used it already. And, that number grows every day.

You still get a detailed report with your results. Many reviewers have noted that the results are easy to understand.

Once you take this test, you can easily understand the key parts of your personality. Then, you can begin working on self-improvement and identifying ways to boost your positive personality qualities.

Best DISC Personality Books

After learning about the many benefits of the DiSC assessment, or even taking it, many people are curious about learning more. If you want to learn about the history of this test or simply get even more detailed insights into your results, consider reading some books about the DiSC personality assessment.

Many people find these books not only informative and useful, but also simply fascinating. Some of the greatest books you should consider reading are:

1. The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader by Jeffrey Sugerman

If you want to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about leading effectively, this is a great book for you. You will learn what makes a leader great and how learning about your DiSC personality traits can help you as a leader.

The book gives you tips on harnessing your existing DiSC abilities to your advantage and to your team’s advantage. Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, or Commanding leadership styles are all discussed in the text with great details.

2. The 4-Dimensional Manager: DiSC Strategies for Managing Different People in the Best Ways by Julie Straw

If you are a manager and want to lead effectively, consider reading Jule Straw’s The 4-Dimensional Manager, which discusses how DiSC strategies can be used in the managerial world. Many managers struggle with standing out and leading their teams.

One of the greatest ways to improve your managerial abilities is to embrace your personality, and you can do that by understanding it first. Julie Straw highlights how the knowledge you gain from DiSC can help you in a wide variety of managerial situations and how your leading skills are improved with this knowledge.

3. Everything DiSC Manual by Dabney Baum

The Everything DiSC Manual is a fantastic introduction to the many incredible benefits of DiSC and a great overview of the test itself.

There is a wide variety of different topics covered in this text, including the scientific research supporting this assessment, applying DiSC to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), DiSC’s role in modern psychological research, and examples of how DiSC has helped individuals with their careers

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