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What is the DISC Assessment?

The original DiSC model was originally based on the 1928 work of Dr. William Moulton Marston at Columbia University.

The four quadrant behavioral model was developed to examine the behavior of individuals within their environmentally specific situation. DiSC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral preferences. It was Marston’s 1928 book, “The Emotions of Normal People,” which introduced the DiSC model to the public. 

Marston, a contemporary of Carl Jung, defined four categories of human behavior style, type, or temperament which are Dominance, Influence (Inducement), Stability (Submission) and Compliant, Conscientious or Caution. Marston used compliance.

Even though Marston developed the D.I.S.C model, the DISC test or assessment, to prove his theory of the emotions of people within their environment, he never copyrighted his disc profile test. Thus DISC is available in the public domain.

Later, the work of Marston was researched and updated by Dr. John Geier and Inscape Publishing, (now a Wiley Brand) at the University of Minnesota. The DiSC model and its complimentary assessment tools have helped over 50 million people in 20+ languages over the last 40 years.

What Makes the DISC Personality Test Different from Other Tests?

The DISC personality test is not only used for self-awareness. It also serves as a framework for understanding others and adjusting how you interact with them. It is intended to represent situational behavior rather than underlying personality traits.

DISC personality test has no bearing on IQ, aptitude, emotional wellbeing, or principles. DISC profiles reflect human behavior in various contexts. It helps you understand your comfort with rules and systems and how you respond to difficulties and influence others.

Personality tests like MBTI and Enneagram suggest that personality is stable and unlikely to change. However, the DISC personality test acknowledges that a person’s behavioral patterns may vary depending on external factors.

Unlike DISC, some personality tests are primarily used to assess how people operate internally. But, DISC assesses how personality manifests itself through outward behavior. It assesses your behavioral patterns without considering aligning with a skill set or job category.

Who Should Take the DISC Personality Test?

Many organizations are using DISC assessments to understand their employees better. They use the DISC personality test for recruitment purposes and long-term employee retention. DISC’s goal is to help individuals on their personal and career growth journey.

DISC offers a common language for individuals to know themselves better and with those, they are interacting with. Individuals who understand the DISC model can utilize it to manage difficult situations and strengthen working relationships.

If you are interested in discovering your leadership style, the DISC personality test might be able to assist you. Understanding your behaviors, inclinations, and blind spots can help you become self-aware and lead your team to success even in difficult situations.

How Accurate is the DISC Personality Test?

The DISC personality test has consistently demonstrated its reliability over time. In recent years, companies such as persolog have produced numerous reliabilities numbers that are in the good or even very good range.

Various studies have also been conducted over the years to examine the validity of the DISC model. The results of these studies point in the direction of high validity score for the DISC model and its accompanying tests. Therefore, well-researched DISC personality tests can accurately measure your behavioral style.

How Long Does it Take to Finish the Free DISC Personality Test?

Like most personality tests, there are no right or wrong answers in DISC. The online DISC personality test will take you around 15 minutes to complete. 

You are not required to concentrate on one aspect of your life when completing the questionnaire. Consider how you behave in various situations – at work, at home, and in social situations. It will not have a significant impact on determining your behavioral style.

Can You Take the DISC Personality Test for Free?

You can take our free DISC personality test on Best Personality Tests. Click on the link and begin answering the questions to see which behavioral style best describes you.

You do not need to purchase or register to take this test and receive the results. Just remember to be spontaneous in your responses to the questions.

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