Steadiness (S) 

Peacekeepers, or people who are strong in Steadiness (S), are known by their its steadiness, stability, and predictability.

Individuals with this style are level-headed, warm, welcoming, and empathetic. They are also generous with the people they love. Their major focus lies in building meaningful connections.

Peacekeeper type, showing a high level of Steadiness with no other balancing factors, is seen somewhat less often than many profiles. Steadiness is the factor of patience, calmness and gentle openness, and a pure High-S style will reflect these qualities. People of this kind are generally amiable and warm-hearted, being sympathetic to others’ points of view, and valuing positive interaction with other.

Because they are people-oriented, they are quite open with their loved ones. However, sometimes they can become possessive. This tendency can make people around them feel suffocated.


How they relate to others

As in their general lifestyle, Peacekeepers will look to more socially assertive people to initiate relationships of any kind – their solid, dependable outlook makes them far more suited to the maintenance of interpersonal relations than making initial contact. For this reason, their circle of friends and close acquaintances is often small but tightly-knit.

What they are good at

Peacekeepers’ particular strengths can be summarised as ‘supportive’. They are dependable and loyal, this combines with an emotional literacy to make them particularly effective listeners and counsellors. They are also unusually persistent in approach, having the patience and restraint to work steadily at a task until it is achieved. This makes them unusually capable of dealing with laborious tasks that many other styles would simply not have the patience to complete.

What motivates them

The underlying patience of Peacekeepers is the root of their motivating factors. They need to feel that they have the support of those around them and, more importantly, time to adapt to new situations. They have an inherent dislike of change, and will prefer to maintain the status quo whenever possible; sudden alterations in their circumstances can be very difficult for them to deal with. Once embarked on a task, Peacekeepers will wish to concentrate closely on it and see it through. Interruptions and distractions of any kind can be particularly demotivating in these situations.

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