DOMINANCE (D) & Influence (I) 

Seekers, or people who are strong in, first, Dominance (D) and, second, Influence (I) represent highly assertive people, capable of both direct, dynamic action or charming sociability as a situation demands. In combination, these factors make Seekers into people with clear goals in life with the determination and commitment to achieve them. This style of person will seek to maintain a position of dominance, both in terms of personal authority and control, but also in a social sense – they like to feel that they are not only respected by those working with them, but also genuinely liked.

How they relate to others

Seekers are characterised by strong social skills and a persuasive communication style. They are capable of great charm, but will sometimes adopt a more demanding, overbearing style of behaviour, especially if they feel themselves to be under pressure. The outgoing and quickly-paced approach of Seekers can be difficult to deal with for less assertive or direct types, especially as they have no fear of confrontation and will address issues directly rather than prevaricate.

What they are good at

Seekers thrive in situations that others would find impossibly stressful and difficult to deal with. Their need for achievement means that they are willing to undertake almost any task to achieve success or recognition, and this driving, motivated approach lends them an urgency and energy rarely seen in other types. As a result, Seekers frequently end up in direct sales positions. This type of occupation leverages main characteristics of this style: the ability to think and react quickly, adapt to challenging situations and use powers of both assertiveness and persuasion to motivate others to accept their own proposals.

What motivates them

Success and recognition are the twin motivating factors for a person with high Dominance and Influence. To be content, Seekers must feel that they are a success in both their business and personal lives. More than this, they are motivated by challenge – stagnation is anathema to a person of this type, and they need to set themselves lofty goals and ambitions, and aim steadily towards these, if they are to operate at their best.

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