Openness is a characteristic that includes imagination and insight. The eagerness to learn and experience new things is particularly high for this personality trait. It is associated with a broad range of interests and being more adventurous when it comes to decision making. 

Creativity also plays a big part in the Openness trait; this leads to a greater comfort zone when it comes to abstract and lateral thinking.

Think of that person who’s always ordering the most exotic thing on the menu, going to different places and having interests which you would never have thought of… that is someone who has a high Openness trait.

To give you an idea what’s on the other side of the spectrum: anyone low in this trait tends to be viewed with more traditional approaches to life and may struggle when it comes to problem solving outside their comfort zone of knowledge.


There are lots of ways to coin this, but the most common term you can think of is “thinking outside the box”. Being able to let your imagination solve problems or challenges is just part of the conundrum.

Individuals who are open to exploring creative ideas within themselves and bring them to life are highly creative by nature. This level of imagination and using it to problem solve or create something new is a major characteristic of openness.


Finding emotional balance is what is meant by emotionality. There are two schools of thought about this area. The first is that we are conditioned by others in our young lives when it comes to expressing our thoughts and feelings – and the impact this has on emotionality.

The second is that being able to control balance is one that takes years of practice and meditation. Having high emotionality means that you have an awareness of your thoughts and feelings and can find composure in stressful situations.


Widely regarded as one of the most important subtraits of openness. Taking chances, being daring and accepting whatever the outcome of the decision you’ve taken is a quality of adventurousness that is widely recognisable.

Someone high in this trait has a versatile approach to life and experiences excitement by doing something different and out of a normal routine – sometimes the more risky, the more the exhilarated one feels. Importantly, the more adventurous one is, the higher they will score in openness to experience tests because adventurous people lack the biggest restriction – fear.

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