People of this type, showing, first, high Compliance (C) and, second, high Steadiness (S), are known as ‘Editors’ for their methodical approach.

Steady and modest, you prefer to stay out of the spotlight and let others bask in the glory. Editor’s speciality is being prepared and ready to face whatever challenges the day brings. This type prefers to have a few close relationships rather than a wide social circle, and their priorities tend to revolve around avoiding conflict and having a good understanding of what will happen next. Editor’s strengths are in systematic and precise work, and they’ve got the patience necessary to do it well.

It is important to note that they fear situations that are ambiguous in nature. Similarly, they also feel uneasy in emotionally charged circumstances. So, a CS type avoids emotional and uncertain events.  

How they relate to others

This rather passive style often finds it difficult to relate to other people, especially in unfamiliar settings, because they need to know exactly where they stand before they feel able to act. While Editors value friendships and strong relations with others, this factor is often disguised by an apparently aloof and reserved style. In order to interact effectively with others, this type will look to more direct and outgoing styles to initiate and take control of interpersonal issues.

What they are good at

The particular talents and skills of Editors lie in the areas of complex systems and procedures. Their high Steadiness lends them patience and a degree of persistence, while their correspondingly high levels of Compliance bring an interest in order and precision to their behaviour. In combination, these factors reflect an individual with strong potential in broadly technical work. Because of their interest in quality and productivity, it is not unusual to find people of this kind who possess special skills or knowledge, especially in the ‘technical’ areas described.

What motivates them

A consequence of the patient, precise style of this type is a need for time to plan and execute their work to a standard with which they can feel satisfied. Editors will wish to work steadily at a project, and dislike interruptions or distractions from the task in hand. They will also seek certainty, and need to be sure that the work that they are doing conforms with the expectations of their colleagues and managers. 

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