Conscientiousness is a trait that is commonly associated with awareness. Typically, conscientious people are well organised, demonstrate self-control and can plan their time very well. They are known as great team players and diligent workers.

Often described as “the perfect personality for a team”, conscientious individuals demonstrate a strong work ethic, are reliable, punctual, pay attention to detail and show commitment and purpose. They are the characters that you will see plan their work to the last details or even time schedule.

When channelled correctly, a conscientious person can be a highly effective worker and this can impact the team and sometimes the organisational goals as well. Doing things “right” is the perceived measure of success for a conscientious individual.

“Right” can mean a number of things. From the personal perspective which includes morals, principles and habits but, it can also include traits such as processes, procedures and practices that are picked up over time. Doing it “right” can mean doing something that has been done over time elsewhere, forming an internal perception that it is as well, the only way to do it.

Doing it “right” can also be an external pressure that the conscientious worker experiences. This can be an organisation’s policies, processes, procedures and practices. It can even include the company’s culture formed by norms, customs and precedents.


It is very common to find a highly conscientious individual being organised. From their workspace to the work that they do. Having a structured approach to doing work and time management is high on the list.


Once a commitment is made to a time and deadline, conscientious individuals make it a point to stick to it. There is an almost internal compass that is morally driven to ensure that all work is completed on time and to schedule.

Attention to details

It’s not just about the work they are doing, but how well based on what is being asked. Having a keen eye for detail is an essential trait of the conscientiousness characteristic.

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