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What is the Big Five Personality Test?

The OCEAN personality test is known as the Big Five personality test, and it is widely used as a model of personality in academic psychology. If you take a course in personality psychology, you will be introduced to this personality model.

The Big Five personality test model is derived from several independent statistical analyses of responses related to personality traits. This theory identifies five main personality traits to describe human behaviors: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. 

Putting the five traits together and you get the acronym, OCEAN.

What Makes the Big Five Personality Test Different from Other Tests?

Personality tests such as MBTI and Enneagram let you know your personality type but not your personality trait. This is where the significant differences lie between Big Five and the other personality assessments. The Big Five are personality traits that can be ranked high or low.

As the Big 5 is scientifically validated by research, psychologists tend to discuss personality in terms of traits rather than types. Because personality is seen as a combination of different traits, it is very useful for work-related purposes.

Unlike other personality tests, Big 5’s personality traits can create a lasting impact on an individual’s thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Knowing yourself requires an understanding that you are a unique and complex individual made up of different personality traits. You will then become less vulnerable to your subconscious mind or manipulative advertising.

Who Should Take the Big Five Test?

Do you have experience working in a job that doesn’t align with your personality? Or, have you recruited people who did not reach their potential even while having the essential skills needed for the role?

Human resource practitioners tend to use the Big Five personality test to assist with their recruitment process. The Big 5 personality test can serve as a supporting tool to help them determine the candidate’s compatibility with the job.

The Big Five personality test is also helpful for individuals who are unsure which career pathway to choose. The test helps identify your personality trait and provides insight into how you behave in different job positions. Career counsellors tend to utilise the Big 5 personality test for recruitment and career development.

How Accurate is the Big Five Personality Traits Test?

The Big 5 personality test is among the most well-established personality tests in the world. It may be the most scientifically validated and reliable theory to measure personality traits because the test is based on statistical methodologies.

You can use personality tests to help gain more insights about yourself. However, the Big 5 personality test or any other personality test cannot fully describe who you are as a person. And more importantly, you have to ensure the personality tests you use are tested for reliability and validity.

How Long Does it Take to Finish the free Big Five Personality Test?

Most people take around 15 minutes to complete the Big 5 personality test. But please don’t pressure yourself to complete it within that period. There is no time limit, so you can complete the test at your speed. However, it is best to answer each question spontaneously to have the most accurate result. Feel free to discover other personality tests at BPTs.

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