Influence (I) 

Enthusiasts, or people who are strong in Influence (I), can be described as an enthusiastic and sociable type. Individuals with this profile are talkative, optimistic, and spread joy and positivity.

They have a positive mindset and trust others easily. They are people-oriented and love working in groups. Enthusiasts also exude confidence, specifically in social settings. These individuals are also open and emotionally expressive.  

On the flip side, despite being socially confident, they fear rejection. Their need to form relationships makes them hold on to people’s approval and appreciation. 

They are afraid to offend people, so they avoid conflict and confrontation. Similarly, they lack assertiveness, which leads to over-promising.

Consequently, they end up committing to too many projects. This is counterproductive as it affects their performance.

How they relate to others

Relating to others is what an Enthusiast does best. They are open to others and confident in their own social abilities, allowing them to interact positively in almost any situation. Their strong and evident confidence, coupled with their genuine interest in the ideas and especially feelings of other people, are often found charming by those around them.

What they are good at

It should be no surprise that the most distinct abilities of I-type people lie in the area of communication. They are strong communicators, possessing the assertiveness to drive home a point of view, but also the intuitive qualities to understand others’ perspectives and adapt to meet new situations.

What motivates them

I-type individuals are motivated by relations with others. Specifically, they need to feel accepted by those around them, and react badly if they perceive themselves to be rejected or disliked. Praise and approval make a strong impression on them, and Enthusiasts will sometimes go to great lengths to achieve this kind of reaction from other people.

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