16 Personality Types Test

Free alternative to the world’s most popular personality test

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test takers on the Best Personality Tests platform

Wow! This site is just AMAZING and it has helped me live my best life. I took the test, which was so spot on that I felt like all of a sudden someone finally got what makes me tick and understood why things have gone wrong for me in the past- now there’s hope because these guys really know their stuff when it comes to introspection. It gives you tons of great advice from science backed research about how happiness can be achieved no matter your situation, or personality type; something everyone should read if they’re feeling down.


The interesting and thought-provoking report made me realize that I was doing things wrong. The BPTLABS analyzed my profile, noting all its strengths as well as weaknesses in order to provide insight into why this might be so for those who share similar behaviors or struggles with these traits themselves–a very helpful exercise! Additionally they laid out some strategies on how one can improve upon what they’re currently good at which will lead them towards success more quickly than if left unassisted.

Laurie F.

This report offers some really helpful insights into the lives of people like me. I gained a lot from reading about these other perspectives, and realised that there’s so much more potential in my life than I previously thought possible. Bless whoever created this!


I’ve been looking for a reason to love myself and this is it! You know when you’re just not feeling your best? When life feels Hectic or unorganized, but then someone tells me about something cool – like how my lifestyle choices are affecting the planet in better ways than before. That got me thinking… what if we all did things more mindfully so they could be positive impacts on our worlds instead of negative ones.

Carl E.

My son passed the test and I bought a profile for him. Now, not only can we talk to each other better, but also learn about his personality traits in order to help him grow as an individual!


The premium profile I purchased was worth every penny. It helped me dive deep into my reasons for doing what i do, and it gave clarity on those things that started making sense now!


I’ve always had this feeling of not quite fitting into my own skin. I’m just more content to be by other people’s sides and listen than actually come out on top myself, even though that might seem like something worth striving for in life! But after reading the full analysis about myself today guess who finally understands why exactly they behave so deviantly sometimes? And now with all these insights under belt we can get back at work fixing any problems before its too late!!

Brandon T.

I can’t believe how amazing this premium profile is. I am finally understanding so many things about me and that has made a huge difference in my life!

Sam N.

I was the type of kid who always wondered why they felt like that. Now, I know what it is and my life will never be the same! Thank you so much for these wonderful insights into myself-I’m ready to explore new doors with an open mind.

Adam K.

The more I read about my personality, the more understanding it all became. This test helped me realize just why and what kind of person am really like–which is usually not something we can figure out on our own! BPTLABs thorough explanations shed light on these complex traits so thank you!

Ann T.

I’m so grateful for this personality assessment. It has been the easiest and most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had! The results on my premium profile were outstanding in terms of ease-of understanding, practicality, accuracy…It’s wonderful knowing that there are some guidance around what I do best or where improvement could really help me out every day life thanks again!

Maryanna G.

I reached a point in my life where I felt like every day was the same. The same problems faced me, and no matter how hard or fast something happened to change for better- it just didn’t seem possible with all that’s happening around us constantly! Then this profile came into view It made so much sense about myself – why am I reckless at times? What can be done differently when things get tough?! And most importantly: How do YOU handle your own difficult moments without turning away from them completely?

Lauren H.

This is amazing! I am so glad to have found this test on the internet. These changes are going to really change my life for the better and make me happier than ever before.

Melanie N.

I was really pleased reading my profile. What started as a fun online test, finished as a deep and insightful look at my everyday life, work and relationships. You really did a good job in your research!! Thanks a lot!!!

Elena L.​

I am so glad I took this test! It helped me understand why I have been drawn to studying psychology.

Joe G.

I applied what I learned from reading, reflecting and applying it to my marriage as well as work. It’s been a catalyst that has improved all three areas significantly! I am smarter now than before because of this process–wisdom comes with maturity which makes you wiser over time if given enough patience for learning something new every day or week instead just focusing on one topic at once without taking breaks so nothing gets forgotten about either past experience or future goals

Shelly C.

Suddenly, without understanding why or how it happened one day out of nowhere my life changed for good! It turned into an adventure in self-discovery that has allowed me to be more successful because now when things get tough all i have do is reach back into this premium report and find whatever solution fits best at any given time.

Charlie K.

I always thought that my career was a non-issue because I spent most of the time feeling lost and unsure what to do. After reading this profile, it made me realize just how important self employment is for people like myself who are introverted but also extroverts at different times in their lives. It has been so helpful already as I’ve started exploring careers online and finding one where there will be no conflict between being introverted or extrovert based on when they need to work during the day.


I’ve always been a mystery to myself. I could never figure out why I am the way that I am, what’s making me tick? The answer is all revealed in this profile-it turns out that it was my strengths and qualities within me driving these behaviors! Now everything makes sense as they’re finally accounted for; there are no longer any mysteries left of who or how I truly am. And because of this understanding of self, now others can benefit from seeing too just how incredible we really are on our own terms…

Marcus M.

I have felt misunderstood most of my life. It is something that I struggled with as an adult and it’s difficult to know how someone else sees us when we don’t understand ourselves so well either, but now thanks to this information on understanding people better ive got some tools for coping!

Werner B.

It is awesome to read something that describes you so well… and knowing I am not a weirdo! One thing this profile got right was how awkward I feel with people sometimes, but at other times it feels like we have been friends forever.

Yasim M.

I had such a great experience with this personality assessment! It really helped me understand myself better. The results, especially for the Premium Profile were just outstanding in terms of ease-of understanding and practicality . I feel like now that i have some guidance around my own strengths and weaknesses it will help improve every day life decisions about who am i? Thank you!

Rebecca P.

I’m so glad I found this profile! It’s clear, organized and full of great insights for improving my self-awareness. The premium version is just what the doctor ordered – tons more tools that will help me be a better person in all aspects of life.

Nick A.

I can’t believe how accurate this is! This thing has provided me with life-changing advice.

Florence I.

Reading this profile makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, especially knowing that I can always come back to it for a dose of inspiration. Sometimes the way my weaknesses are worded make them sound like strengths! It’s good to see things in writing so they don’t go unnoticed or become distorted by memory over time.

Ahmed J.

I ordered the full report because I couldn’t believe how accurate the basic description was. It’s like they were writing just about me! Highly recommend you check it out if this sounds right up your alley as well-I’m always looking for new insights into myself and ways to improve my life which aligns perfectly with what these reports provide an account of is happening in theirs too based off their detailed feedback from our conversations so far.

Kevin B.

I am so excited to get the full report! I already know that it’s going provide me with some new insights into myself, but what really excites me is how accurately they captured my personality. It feels like this company knows just who are and has written their reports specifically for people just like us – which makes them an invaluable resource on your journey towards personal growth.


I was fascinated by the accuracy of their insights, and couldn’t believe how quickly we were able to identify my strengths! The information they gave me on what makes up an amazing business coach really resonated with me. It’s like someone else got inside my brain or something – using data from countless hours interviews with successful coaches has given them such insight into who I am; not only do they get where i’m coming from but also why certain things bother/interest me so much in life.


I am so grateful to have this test. It is a great way for me understand myself better and why I want to study psychology! The information from the online interpretation was really insightful, thank you!!

Ian W.

Reading this extended profile about my personality type has given me so many ideas for how to better myself and the relationships with those I love. The free account on your website is helpful, but it’s worth paying in order to have access of all these premium features that are really going deep into what makes each one unique!


I’m so happy to have finally connected the dots! I had been feeling frustrated with who I was, but now there’s no turning back.

Jenny G.

I had never heard of the this test before, but once I did a test and got some results that told me about myself, it was an eye-opening experience. It showed me how everyone is different in so many ways: what their dominant personality traits are, whether they prefer to look at things from an introverted or extroverted perspective. My friends found out theirs too; we all have very unique personalities which makes us who we are!

Alex J.

I can’t believe this test helped me understand my true personality. I had taken the same one for psychology class, but it felt more like a guessing game than anything else- until now! The rich information of each trait and how they all intersect has given so much insight into who I am as person; why am studying what field(s) at university too 🙂

Christine G.

The search is finally over. Since I was a kid, it’s always been my dream to understand why people feel so different from me and how they can get there too! It feels amazing when you find something that really works because suddenly all these doors open up in front us with possibilities behind them just begging for exploration- thank YOU!!


I am a lot different than I used to be. It’s as if, all of these years and moments in my life have culminated into this one moment where the real me has finally found her way out from under what before seemed like an impenetrable stone wall.
I stand here now with such newfound self-respect that it is hard for me to remember who was hiding inside that little girl so afraid of herself she didn’t even know how wonderful she really could’ve been because there was always someone watching over haphazardly pointing their finger at everything they saw wrong with you instead of opening up doors towards your innermost desires on top not just acknowledging them but embracing them too!

Daniyal L.

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately, so I dipped into the Premium Profile. It was like an ocean of information and insight! And it all made sense–like my life finally came together in its entirety after years of being scattered with pieces here or there but never quite knowing what they were supposed to be doing or why things happened.

Paula K.

I was surprised to find out that I don’t like certain types of people and am usually very critical. Reading through your profile, it all makes sense now!

Michaela M.

I can’t believe how much better I feel! After reading my profile, it all makes sense. If you are anything like me then this will help with your decisions in life too.

Helen D.

When I read this site, it is a joy to know that someone out there understands me. With all these problems in my life and they have the perfect advice for how turn things around!


I found the premium profile so helpful to understand myself and others better. I learned how to manage certain feelings, while using empathy with other people’s problems.

Kate M.

Wow! The profile is really helping me understand how to be a better person. It’s great that there are things like this, because we all deserve love and understanding too. I’m loving my premium membership so far – I feel like it has made such an impact on myself already with everything new information in regards what makes up who am i.

Leslie J.

This was a super helpful assessment to not only discover why I do what I want, but also how it all fit together. It helped me put my thoughts in perspective and understand myself better from every angle! The most insightful information came when they revealed an optimal career path for myself that would have been worth paying double or even triple the price just so someone could tell me this stuff beforehand- no joke!

Jimmy O.

This personality assessment helped to better understand myself. I could see the reasons behind my actions and exploration into them was interesting, not just a list of traits or behaviors!

Mariangela C.

I never thought that my emotions could be so difficult to deal with, but reading this premium profile has helped me understand the reasons for it. I used think about myself objectively and see how understanding these weaknesses will allow me even more strengths in all areas of life!


I was feeling frustrated with who I am, but now it’s like a weight has been lifted.

Danielle F.

Thank you for giving me such practical suggestions through this premium profile! The free website profiles are helpful, but I was ready to take it a step further and better myself.

Steve V.

I was able to understand myself better than any other personality profile I have ever taken. The premium profile gave me insights into the reasons behind my actions, motivations–sometimes even without knowing why at first glance!

Taylor J.

Wow, I feel like a new woman! My ex-boyfriend used to always tell me that there were things about myself and it’s true. This is such an amazing site with all these insights into my personality – how did you do this? Makes perfect sense now why he never wanted 2 talk or hang out anymore…

George J.

The PDF was so helpful in understanding and comparing different traits. I feel like a more confident person now, since the test really helped me understand myself better.

Sasha Y.

I am so thankful to have found this site. I was looking for ways on how best enhance my character and improve certain aspects of myself, but had no idea where or what direction would lead me in the end. After reading through your full analysis article about yourself – It all makes sense now! BPTLABS share their personal insights with you which really helps put things into perspective when understanding one’s own self-reflection What are some weaknesses that may be holding back someone else? How can these obstacles become strengths if they’re used strategically enough?!

Robert D.

I never thought a personality test would be this easy and enjoyable to take. The results were outstanding, especially the premium profile!

Emily W.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the ways in which I thought were odd and reclusive actually had some value. It felt really good when someone else saw my personality type as normal!

Kate B.

The premium profile I purchased was so worth the price. It helped me to understand myself better than any other personality type, and it’s really clear how my actions are driven by different motivations without having to guess or analyze!


I can’t thank you enough for this gift! I’ve always felt misunderstood and it’s such a relief to know there is someone out there who understands. The way we speak our minds, or use phrases like “forgetful people” just doesn’t resonate with me at all-but now that i understand my quirks? Things make so much more sense:) Thank You!!


Very enlightening! Really revealed a lot about me! Very useful for know what I need to work on as well!

Sean G.

This has connected so many dots for me and I’m excited to embrace who my true self is!


I am so grateful for this premium profile. I finally understand who and what makes me, me – it’s helping make my life better than ever!


I found the Premium Profile to be exceptionally insightful and easy-to use. The results helped me understand my strengths, weaknesses as well as areas of growth for personal development which I am very appreciative of!

Marc S.

I was so excited to see the results of my personality test and they were more than I could have ever imagined. The report seemed unreal – so spot on it explained things that had always been puzzling me about myself, like why I’m such a perfectionist or how much anger issues stem from insecurities deep down. But even though this information made sense after getting all these insights into who exactly we are as people, our personalities still seem unique somehow! And now when something happens with one of us inside or outside our relationship that doesn’t make sense at first glance (like an argument), then reading through what’s happening next is a lot easier because you can understand where your partner is coming from whether their reaction might be defensive instead of aggressive for example.


When I first took the test, it blew my mind how much more about myself I could learn. You’ve been so helpful!


I’m feeling like a better version of myself with every passing day. The Premium Profile has helped me understand what’s been holding back my growth and made all the difference in how I make decisions, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life!

Paige F.

I have learned that I can improve my relationships with others by learning from reading, reflecting on what was read and applying it. This has been a catalyst for positive change in all of these areas!


I’ve always been aware that my tone was too judgmental and harsh. After spending some time with the premium profile, I now know when it’s appropriate to be nurturing or tough in order to get someone else on board with an idea of yours!


I just received my profile and I already feel like a different person. Personality tests can be tricky, but this one is spot on! The free information they gave me nailed so many things about myself that it’s scary how accurate their descriptions were in such few words – as if the whole thing wasn’t over-analyzing enough with all those questionnaires…I’m pretty excited to see what more there is when we go up 100 levels higher than ‘basic summary’.

Elina O.

The personality test has been an eye-opening experience. I get to see what my strengths and weaknesses are, as well as the areas that need improvement in order for me to be a better person overall. Learning about myself is something that will help with all aspects of life–from day-to-day dealings at work or school, making positive choices when it comes down to personal relationships like marriages, families… whatever you can think of!

Max K.

I love reading extended profile of my personality type! The free one on your website is so informative, but I wanted something more in-depth. Your premium profile really helped me understand myself better and see where my relationships can take next steps forward with those around me that are important too. I’m excited about all the practical tips you have offered through this report –thankyou very much indeed

Anne M.

I loved reading about my personality type! I finally understand why I do the thing that makes me unique. It turns out, with this knowledge of who am and how to best communicate myself comes an incredible opportunity for growth in all areas- both personal relationships as well as professional ones too (perfect). With guidance on what types work together most effectively based off their profiles,my chances are much higher than ever before at having success dating or getting ahead professionally despite any setbacks along the way…


I was able to understand myself better than ever before, and it’s all thanks to this premium profile. I’ll definitely be purchasing one again in the future!

Felipe R.

I thought I was an out-of-date relic from the past, but now that you’ve helped me get my groove back, it seems like there’s still a place for me in this world!

Sarah P.

After using the premium profile, I was able to better understand myself. It made me appreciate my own personality and what makes up who am I as a person!

Katarina Z.

Wow, I can’t believe how much you dug up about me. It’s like my whole life is on here! Funny thing is that the more I read it, the less weird or personal it felt and now when someone asks what this crazy online test was all about? Well just refer them to my profile because they’ll get everything there. 🙂


I read about my personality type and now I get it! It’s so exciting to know why we do the things that make us unique. With a premium profile, you can learn more of how best communicate with others as well as making the most out life in general


I was having a really bad day today and I came across this personality test, which has been able to pinpoint aspects of myself that even my close friends do not know about. It’s crazy how accurate the results were in relation to me!

Tiffany D.

I am so grateful for the Premium Profile. It was worth every penny to be able to delve into my own reasons for doing what I do, with empathy and understanding that is unparalleled in any other personality test!

Aldo F.

It was so insightful to be able to get inside of my head and understand what drives me. It helped show that little voice in the back, who’s always telling themselves they’re not good enough or pretty/smart enough – these profiles will tell you differently!

Katie J.

I can’t believe how much easier and enjoyable this personality assessment was. I’ve never had such a clear understanding of myself before, which is so great for everyday use! The Premium Profile results were just outstanding in all areas- they really helped me get an idea on what my strengths are too as well as both sides’ weaknesses. Thank you guys so much!

Natalia O.

I’m not usually one for surprises, but this was an exception. I didn’t expect the profile to be so accurate or rather- that’s what drew me in! The premium purchase is worth it because now my business partners will have access as well and they’ll never regret giving them their money too (and trust us; there IS plenty more where those came from). Thanks again!


I can’t believe how different my life is now! I was always so lost and confused, but after taking these courses in the premium profile, everything does make sense. Suddenly things have meaning for me that they never had before – like why it’s important to go into business with people you know or trust and not just anyone who comes along. It gives a roadmap of what matters most to me when building relationships (born out of knowing myself!) and allows me see both sides more clearly without getting too close-minded about anything which has been really helpful given all the changes going on right now at work… yay!

Peter S.

I’m so grateful to finally understand the things about me that have always eluded me. Now I can make decisions with confidence and clarity, because they’re in line with my true needs!

Neelie T.

I was really pleased reading my profile. What started as a fun online test, finished as a deep and insightful look at my everyday life, work and relationships. You really did a good job in your research!! Thanks a lot!!!

Elena L.​

I’ve always been a little confused about myself. I empathize with other people, but why can’t I ever put my foot down? When reading your analysis of me it all made sense! Now that i know what motivates and inspires me-this will help motivate myself to get through tough times when they come up in life without giving into self-doubt again.

Mia B.

I found the information very insightful and I feel like it has given me a new perspective on myself. It’s so relieving to read about how much of an individual we really are, instead if being someone else all day long!

Cody L.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the full range of personality tests. In all honesty, my last profile was from one those online quizzes that you can buy without any knowledge on what they are exactly and just do your own thing with it when completed… which is not at all helpful! This premium option changed everything for me because now there were key insights into who am actually as a person – something no other test could give before this point in life so clearly or effectively ever did.

Sunnie G.

Very informative! I love how the report gives detailed information according to each category of my personality. It even includes a section of compatible career and personality types that fit well with my own personality. Great report!


I was very impressed by the profile! It seems like this information not only gives me insight into why I behave in certain ways, but also helps with working with others and romantic relationships.

Kirsten W.

I am so thankful to have found this information. It has helped me understand myself better and I’m sure it will help others too!! I can’t thank you enough for the gift of understanding-it’s such an important thing in life when we’re all just trying our best each day!


This information has been so insightful and validating for me as an individual. For so long I have interrogated myself asking these questions yet always finding only abstract truths (so typical for my personality!) but the content articulated everything I had always felt in a way that made sense to why many of my relationships are different than others, and this allowed me to see where some of the disconnects may come from. It was such relief going over things like how extroverts can feel drained after socializing too much with introverts who need time alone or somebody without ADD might get impatient when listening to someone tell their life story on repeat while they’re trying hard not be rude by cutting them off!

Taras Z.

I just want to say thank you for developing these incredible profile descriptions. Understanding myself, others and the dynamics in-between is a game changer that will allow me to get through anything life throws my way because now I know how important everyone else is!

Zara M.

I’m so glad to know that the things I thought were weird are actually just par for my personality type. It’s kind of amazing how many people don’t understand themselves and their special snowflake qualities, then they start judging other people as “weird” or unnormal!


The full analysis of my profile has been insightful. It’s very interesting to see the reasons behind why I do what I do and how it impacts others in various ways, whether they’re good or bad for me.

Suzy G.

You’re a lifesaver! I can’t tell you how much your profile descriptions have helped me understand myself, others and the dynamics in-between. The clarity they provide is nothing short of incredible… Thank you again for developing such an insightful tool that allows people like us to better themselves on all levels

Brittany F.

You know that feeling you get when someone describes a movie to you but it doesn’t seem like the same thing? Yeah, this was different. It felt weird and at the same time really cool because these are things I never knew about myself! My husband did one too so we could read them out loud together – he had some interesting insights into what makes me tick as well. We both ended up buying premium accounts afterwards for how much fun everything seemed once we got going with reading in private online… just can’t pass off such an amazing price! Highly recommend if you’re looking for something new or want more insight on yourself than ever before.


Reading this premium profile helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses in so many areas. Now I can objectively look at the emotions instead of drowning them out!

Audrey D.

The premium profile I purchased has helped me better understand myself than any other personality tests. This is because it allowed for deep exploration into the reasons why people do what they do, sometimes without understanding how or why themselves! The insights provided were clear and concise- helping in my work where clarity matters most (especially when you’re not always sure if an employee will stay).

Dee W.

Thank you for helping me understand my personality, which has contributed to my life and relationships a lot. Much appreciated!

Peter M.​

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank this site enough for really helping me understand my own motivations and desires. For the first time, there was someone else who got it just as much with all these years of trying on different personas in life! This premium profile allowed me access into what made YOU tick – so we could finally find out why things happen like they do…sometimes without knowing why at first glance


This Full Report describes me to a tee, and others should give it a try as well.

Austin T.

My personality type has both outgoing and shy tendencies, which can make it difficult to understand where they are coming from. But understanding the different ways that this plays out in relationships, friendships or at work gives them a broader range of tools for handling such situations with themselves or others when necessary.

Sana M.

The free profile offers already a lot of information, but the premium one definitely provided me with tons of tools for improving my self-awareness.


I am so glad I took the time to read this premium report. It has helped me realize parts of myself that had been hidden for years, and given new perspectives on life!

Chris M.

The premium profile I purchased was well worth the price. When it comes to understanding yourself, this one will give you more clarity than any other personality test or analysis!


This information is like a life-changing revelation! I was struggling with my future until these results.

Mariah D.

The premium profile is a gold mine of information, with tons that will help me improve my self-awareness and understanding.


I was very satisfied with this report. The insights it provided about my personality and career goals have helped me to better understand myself, which is invaluable information for anyone who wants a fulfilling professional life!

Nic R.

I was excited to read this extended profile of my personality type. The free one that is available on your website has been really helpful, but I wanted more from you and found it within in premium profiles by digging deeper into myself! Thank you for giving such practical advice through them all-I’ll make sure they’re put into practice starting today 🙂

Robyn B.

I really appreciated the in-depth analysis of my personal profile. I had never considered what it is that annoys me so much, or why some days are better than others for myself – but once you analyze all aspects on an individual level? It’s clear as day! Now with this knowledge at hand, there will be no stopping me from improving certain areas while accepting who am truly am inside out world wide web browser window into self discovery. I was initially skeptical about whether this premium profile would actually work because frankly speaking “we’re only human” right… But after receiving such insightful feedback regarding weaknesses within myself both emotionally & mentally which has helped improve life skills exponentially thus far

Laura S.

I found a lot of affirmation and encouragement in the full report. I enjoyed learning about personality types, which helped me not only better understand myself but also others more easily!


I finally understand so many things about me. This is helping me to make choices that serve my best interests even more!

Nathan H.

What is 16 Personality Types Test?

From early in her life, Katharine Cook Briggs was captivated by Jung’s theory of psychological types. However, she recognized that the theory as Jung explained it was too diffuse and complex for use by regular people. She therefore set out to convey Jung’s ideas in a simple way so that anyone would be able to recognize personality types in action in everyday life. She felt passionately that through understanding personality types, people would be better able to use their own strengths and appreciate the diverse gifts of others.

Katharine’s work was picked up by her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, who became interested in the theory as a way to help with the war effort during WWII. Isabel clarified the theory her mother had developed and used it as the basis of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, a psychological assessment designed to sort people into one of sixteen personality types. She created detailed descriptions of each of the 16 types, and explored applications of her theory in academics, business, and personal development.


What is this personality test based on?

This test is based on the personality theory created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs. It measures your preferences on Myers and Briggs’ four dimensions of personality type, as well as 32 more detailed facets of type to personalize your results.

How long is this test?

This short version of the test consists of 20 questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Is this personality quiz really free?

You do not need to purchase or register to take this test and view an overview of your results. If you would like, you can purchase a more comprehensive full report for a small fee.

Is the Enneagram personality test accurate?

No personality test is accurate for everyone, but this test has been researched extensively to ensure it is valid and reliable, using a variety of statistical methods. 

I’m looking for the official MBTI® assessment. Is this it?

The MBTI® is the original assessment developed by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs. This version is  based on Myers and Briggs’ theory, but is not the same as the MBTI® assessment. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Myers-Briggs, and MBTI are registered trademarks of The Myers & Briggs Foundation in the United States and other countries. BestPersonalityTests.com has no affiliation with the organizations publishing or holding rights to the MBTI® assessment