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The acronym ENTJ stands for extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging personality traits that dominate an individual’s cognitive processes.

Translated into layman’s terms, it means that ENFJs are enjoying being among people and discussing big ideas.

They boast outstanding organizational and strategic skills and never hesitate to put their plans into action once their analytical mind comes up with an idea.

A Commander or the ENTJ personality is a person that has natural leadership characteristics and is driven by personal accomplishments. ENTJs are people with extraordinarily creative breakthrough ideas who love acting upon opportunities.

With their self-confidence and charisma, they have the unique ability to inspire and draw many followers. This is why it is very common to find these people leading a company, society, or even a cult.


While their Introverted (I) counterparts are energized by spending time alone, Extraverts (E) are energized by connecting and spending time with people around them.


People with the Intuition (N) preference look at information based on impressions and patterns compared to their Sensing (S) counterparts who use their five senses to interpret their reality.


People who have Thinking (T) preference base their decisions on logic, facts and rules, while those with Feeling (F) preference decide based on values, beliefs, and emotions. 


A person with Judging (J) preference are sequential people who enjoy order and structure, compared to the flexible and spontaneous Perceiving (P) types.

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