Enneagram Type 2’s are concerned and other-oriented people. They are understanding, sincere, kind and friendly. Usually, have trouble taking care of themselves and recognizing their own needs, but despite this, they are noble and selfless.

They want to be intimate with others and often do things for them to feel needed, although they can also be sentimental, flattering and manipulative.

They are also known as the giver, the helper, or the caring. Enneagram Type 2 make up approximately 11% of the population. 

Core Motivation

Twos want to be loved and needed to get others to satisfy their emotional needs. They do this by projecting an image of “saviors” and keeping it fueled by the love and recognition of their dedication by people around them. 

Desires & Needs

The need to feel special is satisfied by the love of others. This influences his sense of self-love, where his lack can only be filled by being “needed” by others.


They fear recognizing their own emotional and affective needs due to their self-image of generosity and giving to others. Besides the fear of being unworthy of love and of alienating their friends and family because of not being needed.

Communication Style

The Twos give advice to receive love and attention from others. They do so in a kind and sympathetic way, seeking to comfort and be people-pleasing.

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