Fours are defined by their sense of being special and different from other people. They are often creative, and present a unique, distinctive persona to the people around them.

Fours experience a deep conflict in that they long to connect with others, but they feel that because they are so unusual, very few people are able to truly see them as they are.

They are also known as the romantic, the individualist, or the creative. Enneagram Type 4 make up approximately 11% of the population. 

Core Motivation

They are motivated to express their individuality and emotion through creativity and imagination. Fours are inspired to build meaningful connections with others and spend time reconnecting with themselves.

Desires & Needs

They desire others to appreciate and value them for who they are. They need to have the freedom to express themselves and stand for what they believe in.


Fours fear that they do not have any significance in this world. To make themselves stand out, they may work extra hard at being unique, creative and different from others.

Communication Style

They are very expressive of feelings and can speak eloquently using flowery language, analogies and metaphors to capture their audience’s attention. They can appear warm and passionate at times while dry and unenthusiastic with a tone of sadness at other times.

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