Being Enneagram Type 1 means being an ethical, perceptive and realistic person, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They strive to reform things for the better, but fear making mistakes or being labeled as a “bad person”. They try to hold high values but can be critical and perfectionistic at times. Although they are prone to be angry and impatient in repressing emotions, are also well-organized, orderly and meticulous.

They are also known as the reformer or the judge. Enneagram Type 1 is relatively uncommon, representing about 7% of the population. 

Core Motivation

The reformers want to be right and consistent with their ideals. They strive to improve everything so that they can justify themselves and look to be perfect in front of everyone to stay away from criticism.

Desires & Needs

Doing things “right” and being “right” people is what makes them feel worthy. This represents the social acceptance of their values and principles, since they act based on them.


The perfectionist wants and strives to do the “right” things. They fear that their ideals are wrong and counterproductive; they are afraid of being bad, corrupt, perverse or imperfect.

Communication Style

The Ones correct others based on their perfectionism. They do so in a preachy way, insisting that they must share their criteria or values. Justify themselves by appealing to what they consider “the right thing to do” and claiming that this is how they would act.

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