INFPs enjoy their own company but also enjoy spending time with small groups. On the other hand, being with a large group drains them and exhausts their energy.

This is especially true since INFPs have an innate desire to understand people deeply, which is challenging to do in a big crowd.

INFPs enjoy exploring possibilities and ideas, endlessly driven by a desire to discover the truths about things and people. Because of this, INFPs’ preferences are to look at the whole picture instead of the detailed parts.

While their idealist temperament makes INFPs perfectionists, especially when it concerns their craft, they tend to be unaware of mundane details.

They are also highly intuitive towards other people, another trait that enables them to understand others better. These idealists have a developed value system and core beliefs which they use in their decision making and how they view the world in general.

Empathetic by nature, INFPs are gifted with compassion and deep care towards others’ needs. INFPs are driven by the desire to understand people on a deeper level, which allows them to help and communicate with them better.

Perceivers like the INFPs are spontaneous open-minded. They keep their schedules and options open. They are not impulsive when making decisions and are ready to accommodate changes in the situation as they come.


While their Extraverted (E) counterparts are energized with people around them, Introverts (I) enjoy focusing on their inner world and are energized by spending time alone.


People with the Intuition (N) preference look at information based on impressions and patterns compared to their Sensing (S) counterparts who use their five senses to interpret their reality.


People who have Feeling (F) preference base their decisions on personally held values and beliefs while those with Thinking (T) preference decide based on logic and rules.


A person with the Perceiving (P) preference interacts with the world in a flexible, open manner while their sequential Judging (J) peers prefer organization and order.

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