ISTJs are introverted, sensing, thinking, and judging personality types. They may seem like the most practical type of person because they are detail-oriented and logical thinkers who work well with facts.

ISTJs have a strong sense of duty that they take seriously and can be very hard-working people when it comes to their responsibilities.

The ISTJ is someone who prefers order in life and loves having structure in their lives so everything is balanced.

ISTJs are also loyal and dependable people who want to do their best in everything that they do, which is why the personality type can be great for jobs like being a doctor or an accountant.

This personality type usually has a lot of perseverance to get things done right the first time to avoid mistakes.

They’re also known for being very serious about their commitments so they will not abandon something that’s been started unless it becomes too much of a hassle for them.

The one downside may be these individuals’ lack of spontaneity because ISTJ personalities don’t feel comfortable with change or unpredictability at all times – this can make life outside work less exciting than most would hope for.

People with an ISTJ personality will be your best resource when it comes to staying organized and following through with a plan.


While their Extraverted (E) counterparts are energized with people around them, Introverts (I) enjoy focusing on their inner world and are energized by spending time alone.


As the term implies, people with Sensing (S) preference prefer details and take in and process information from the environment using their senses. Whereas, their Intuitive (N) peers prefer to process abstractions and concepts.


People who have Thinking (T) preference base their decisions on logic, facts and rules, while those with Feeling (F) preference decide based on values, beliefs, and emotions. 


A person with Judging (J) preference are sequential people who enjoy order and structure, compared to the flexible and spontaneous Perceiving (P) types.

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