Eights are defined by their desire to be powerful and to avoid any vulnerability. They present a confident, assertive, and decisive image to others. Eights can be argumentative and intimidating; it is important to them to stand up for what they believe in and to protect those who are weaker than themselves.

They are also known as the challenger, the protector, or the powerful. Enneagram Type 8 make up approximately 15% of the population. 

Core Motivation

Eights are motivated by their desire to be independent and in control. They resist appearing or feeling weak and reject any authority that restricts them.

Desires & Needs

Eights crave to be important, to dominate an environment, and want to be self-reliant. This makes them skilled public speakers with a special ability to command the audience and remain authoritative. Others may view them as confrontational or loud, but Eights are just naturally outspoken and blunt.


The biggest fear a type 8 possesses is the fear of being vulnerable. Because this type has a need to be in control, they have trouble with losing power. Rejection, betrayal, and being controlled make type 8s feel lost and purposeless.

Communication Style

Their communication style is clear direct, straightforward. They are honest and just, which can sometimes come across as forceful. Enneagram 8 is also characterized by their large presence and energy. 

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