ISFPs live in the present moment and focus on details rather than looking at the big picture or looking too far into the future. They are considerate and easygoing, generally tolerant and accepting of other people.

This flexible nature also allows them to delay decision-making and keep their options open to accommodate for changes or new opportunities.

ISFP personality types are spontaneous individuals who enjoy experimenting and exploring with themselves and their ideas.

Naturally sympathetic and warm, people with the ISFP profile are service-oriented and express genuine concern for others through actions rather than words.

ISFPs are highly perceptive of other people, always taking in information about them. Because of this, they are generally accurate in their perceptions about people.

These adventurers are goal-driven and are directed by deeply held values that they strive to achieve. Additionally, they use these values as their guides as to how they should live their lives.

Being highly attuned to their five senses, ISFPs see the world in technicolor. Dubbed as “the creator,” ISFPs have a strong affinity for aesthetics and arts, which is usually reflected in their decisions and actions.

As a result, ISFPs are known for their creative and artistic movements, which are often unconventional and challenges traditional expectations.

Adventurers are action-oriented people who learn through application and hands-on experiences. They are the type to take risks, enjoying the adrenaline rush of extreme activities and even gambling.

On the other hand, they get bored with the analysis of abstractions and theories.

Despite their colorful and action-packed personalities, ISFPs are introverts who require time alone to process situations and weigh them against their principles.

They tend to be quiet and shy and are often perceived by people as distant and aloof. Even though they are introverts, ISFPs have charming personalities and are good at connecting with people.


While their Extraverted (E) counterparts are energized with people around them, Introverts (I) enjoy focusing on their inner world and are energized by spending time alone.


As the term implies, people with Sensing (S) preference prefer details and take in and process information from the environment using their senses. Whereas, their Intuitive (N) peers prefer to process abstractions and concepts.


People who have Feeling (F) preference base their decisions on personally held values and beliefs while those with Thinking (T) preference decide based on logic and rules.


A person with the Perceiving (P) preference interacts with the world in a flexible, open manner while their sequential Judging (J) peers prefer organization and order.

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