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The Facet5 Test offers a fresh lens to view the multifaceted nature of personality. Are you ready to uncover your five dimensions?

Truly understanding your personality can be a difficult task. Dozens of tests claim to uncover your personal qualities, but many are confusing. This confusion often leaves test-takers only more frustrated.

However, there is a personality test that is both in-depth and easy to understand: the Facet5 assessment. With the Facet5, you can gain deep personality insights within minutes.

In this guide, we will cover how the Facet5 works, who should take the test, and why it is so beneficial.

Overview of Facet5 Personality Profiling Test

The Facet5 assessment has undergone a variety of improvements over the years. Yet, even when it was first published, the test was positively received by hundreds of test-takers.

To help you better understand the journey of the Facet5 test, we have created the following test development timeline:

Brief Overview

The Facet5 story began approximately 40 years ago when new psychological theories were being published and dozens of new tests were being developed.

The popular author and researcher Norman Buckley was consulting with large organizations at the time. He was conducting personality profiling research.

From this research, he noticed key patterns relating personality to workplace habits and relationships. He was aware of the existing range of products available for personality testing, but many were overly complex, thus limiting who could take them.

It became Buckley’s mission to make psychological testing easier to understand and accessible to more people than ever before. That is the foundational root of the Facet5 model of personality.

The Test’s Milestones

Although the test was already very impressive when it was initially published decades ago, newer versions of the Facet5 are even more detailed and accurate.

The Facet5 organization continuously gathers more data about personalities and conducts more research as more people take the assessment.

From this data, the test administrators have refined questions and developed newly created new ventures specific to large organizations.

For instance, in 2009, Facet5 partnered with the Carlsberg Beer Company to study employee competency models and later incorporated these insights into newer versions of the test.

How Does the Facet5 Test Work?

Before you start answering questions of the Facet5 personality assessment, it is crucial to understand how this online personality questionnaire works.

Below, we provide you with the main facets of the Facet5 test.

In-depth Analysis

The Facet5 assessment consists of 5 main dimensions. These are the five factors that make up each person’s personality: will, energy, control, emotionality, and affection.

Will involves one’s determination, energy involves both socialization and motivation, control includes discipline and responsibility, emotionality equates to negative emotions like anger, and finally, affection involves positive qualities like altruism and trust.

Every person has all of these factors constantly influencing their behaviors and personality. However, each individual has a unique mix of these qualities.

The Facet5 test seeks to quantify your unique levels of these qualities and how they influence your day-to-day life.

Help your team members work better together by creating an integrated analysis of all your team personality types

The Process of Taking the Facet5 Test

Some people genuinely find the Facet5 fun to take. However, its main benefits come after you decode the results and make conclusions that can truly impact your life.

Before you make those conclusions, you should understand the test’s design and how it calculates results. Some key Facet5 test dynamics you should be aware of include:

Test Design

The Facet5 test is a psychometric personality assessment. It is based on your self-evaluations and reporting. There are no right or wrong answers on this test as long as you answer honestly.

These questions will center around a variety of topics, including your leadership styles, how you work with others, what motivates you, and much more.

These queries are related to some of the questions asked on the Big 5, a popular personality assessment, too. From there, the test will calculate how much each personality factor contributes to your overall personality.

Decoding the Outcomes

After you acquire your results, it is time to make sense of them. Many personality tests make this a difficult task to achieve.

Thankfully, the Facet5 is not like most tests. They ensure that the results are easy to understand for test-takers. Once you finish your test, you will be given a report that details your levels of the 5 personality factors (will, energy, control, emotionality, and affection).

After that, you can begin using these results to benefit your relationships and career. You will become more self-aware and confident.

You will also understand which qualities to watch out for, as they could hurt your future. This allows you to take steps to correct these issues, even before they snowball into major problems.

Applications of the Facet5 Personality Profiling

Personality tests might seem like fun exploration exercises, but they can be much more than that. Tests like the Facet5 have immense value in the real world, too.

If you take the test seriously, you can gain incredible insights and improve numerous aspects of both your career and social life. A few key applications of the Facet5 test include:

Personal Growth

You can experience immense personal growth if you take the Facet5 assessment. After you get your results, you will understand key aspects of your personality.

This allows you to become more self-aware. Additionally, it could help you gain confidence, as you become aware of your positive qualities.

In addition to this, your relationships will also benefit from your newly found self-awareness. In both your personal and professional relationships, being self-aware helps you balance confidence and humbleness while highlighting your positive qualities.

Organizational Dynamics

As outlined above, the Facet5 test is highly useful for personal development. However, its benefits do not have to be limited to just individuals.

This assessment is also highly useful for teams and organizations. The Facet5 has updated questions specifically to better cater to teams. They have even worked with organizations like the Carlsberg Beer Company to better understand organizational dynamics.

This test assists organizations in numerous ways. It can help organizations identify candidates that fit well into their team when hiring. Additionally, it can help with team cohesion when people learn more about their colleagues. Plus, it furthers leadership development opportunities.

How Long Does the Facet5 Assessment Take to Finish?

The test consists of 106 short questions. For most people, it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to finish.

Can You Use the Facet5 Test for Recruitment?

Personality tests such as the Facet5 are often the fundamental building blocks to the candidate screening selection process. With the Facet5, employers can better understand how a candidate would fit into their team.

In addition to this, they can find candidates that fill the personality gaps their organization currently has. As a result, the Facet5 test is often used for recruiting purposes.

Help your team members work better together by creating an integrated analysis of all your team personality types

Is the Facet5 Test Scientifically Validated?

When taking a professional personality test, one of the primary concerns test-takers tend to have centered around the assessment’s validity. No one wants to take a personality test if it is simply pseudoscience.

Luckily, the Facet5 test does have scientific backing. The test was based on the research of consultant and researcher Norman Buckley, who developed widely acclaimed personality reports.

Additionally, modern studies also affirm that Facet5 is both accurate and consistent (1). Therefore, although there is less research on the Facet5 when compared to other personality trait tests, it is still very useful.

How Much Does the Facet5 Test Cost?

The Facet5 assessment offers a tremendous amount of important information to test-takers. However, these detailed individual reports do come with a hefty price tag.

Most organizations offering the Facet5 test also include an interpretation and feedback session with it. In total, these packages cost between $150 to over $600 depending on the company you work with.


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Help your team members work better together by creating an integrated analysis of all your team personality types

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