Enneagram Type 3’s are energetic, goal-oriented, hard-working, effective and enthusiastic. They seek success and recognition and want to be admired for their achievements. They have a great ability to grasp the needs of their environment, which makes them good social climbers. However, they can be vain and competitive, as they tend to place more value on what they have than on who they are. 

They are also known as the motivator, the achiever, or the performer. Enneagram Type 3 make up approximately 11% of the population. 

Core Motivation

The Motivators want to stand out to distinguish themselves from others. They want to be the center of attention because of their accomplishments and impress others to the point of being admired and idolized.  

Desires & Needs

They strive to meet social expectations and excel at everything to be successful and get the admiration they desire. For them, feeling admired by others is similar to feeling “valuable”.


Feeling that they will only be valued because of their accomplishments, they fear failure in competitive activities or work. They are also afraid of not being “the best” and of being despised by society.

Communication Style

This Enneagram type is characterized by enthusiasm in speaking. Able to drive themselves and others to achieve their greatest professional and personal goals. 

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