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Have you ever wondered what color your personality is? Everyone has a personality color, and it may be tough to identify it. Certain personality traits, parenting styles, and even elements of your personal life all contribute to your personality color. If you know the color of your personality, you gain a whole new world of knowledge.


What is the Color Personality Test?

A personality color test is different from the typical personality quiz you may see on the web. In fact, there is a large amount of research supporting the theory of personality colors. The most famous colors personality profiling system, or “personality color test,” was originally developed by German psychotherapist Max Lüscher.

In this test, each of the personality types matches one color. You are assigned this color through a series of questions. It will ask you which color seems most attractive to you. In the end, the test reveals how your color preferences align with your true personality traits.

Lüscher is not the only expert who developed a true colors personality test, though. Psychologist Taylor Hartman has also created a similar test. It is commonly referred to as the Hartman Personality Profile.

Hartman’s test consists of 45 questions that identify your motivations. For instance, reds are motivated by power, blues by intimacy, reds by peace, and yellows by fun.

One key difference between the two tests is their format. The Hartman Personality Profile test does not involve color related questions; it simply categorizes people with certain personality traits into colors.

On the other hand, Lüscher’s test involves directly asking questions about color preferences. In either case, you will be assigned a color that reveals your individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as your preferences.

What Are The 4 Personality Colors?

Each color personality quiz separates individuals into a multitude of groups. Some categorize them into 8 groups, others 6, some even less. One common way to categorize the colors is in a 4 category system. Here, every person taking the quiz is assigned one of the following colors: blue, orange,  gold, and green.

These colors signify elements of their personality. For instance, your true personality color reveals if you are an optimistic or pessimistic person. It reveals if you want to specify in one field or prefer being a well-rounded person. Below, we provide some additional information on each category based on the True Colors Personality Test:


Blues are conservative, patient, goal-oriented, and structured. They are dependable employees and strong leaders. The #1 goal of a Blue is to get work done in a collaborative manner. They derive most of their satisfaction from efficiency and accomplishment, while also including others and getting emotional satisfaction.

While they do not enjoy sacrifice, Blues have no problem leaving the party from time to time to work instead. Blues like to generate opportunities from working with others. They find solitary work unsatisfying and enjoy speaking with others.


Oranges are friendly and happy-go-lucky people. They tend to be extroverted but prefer small gatherings over large ones. This leads to them having a smaller friend group but more intimate relationships.

Oranges are the friends that always support everyone. It is easy for one’s friends to take advantage of the nurturing nature of an Orange. For the most part, Oranges are bubbly, energetic, and happy.

They give a dose of optimism to anyone who asks them for advice. Relationships are emotional for this group. Breakups leave Oranges deeply hurt, but they also love affectionately and wish to find new connections after breakups.


Golds are structured and organized, similar to Blues. However, Golds do not place much value on harmony and collaboration, unlike Blues. Impulsivity and indecision are both not issues for these individuals.

Instead, their organization and planning help them make clear plans, schedules, and goals. Discipline and dedication define this personality. In Gold’s life, time is everything. They take the common saying of “time is money” to the extreme at times.

Punctuality and being strict about your schedule are both signs of you being a Gold. This personality type often lacks flexibility.


Greens are visionaries, innovators, and individuals who do not like to follow the rules. They see problems as an opportunity to find solutions and better the world. In fact, the method of problem-solving is fun in and of itself to Greens.

Greens do not obsess over small details, and typically dislike those who complain. It is also difficult for Greens to fit inside the box with their unique thinking methods.

However, they are great at analyzing situations and weighing decisions. If you are a Green, you always want to be right. Being wrong is genuinely hurtful to a Green’s confidence.

Benefits of Taking the Color Personality Assessment

Color personality tests serve benefits similar to traditional personality tests. For example, they share insights that could also be gained from the MBTI or Enneagram test.

However, their structure is a bit different. You may find taking personality color tests more enjoyable. You can still gain the same insights which help you grow as a person and achieve your goals.

10 Benefits of Taking the 4 Color Personality Test

1. You gain insights into your preferences, such as style of music.

2. Get a greater understanding of what makes you happy and which aspects of life you enjoy most.

3. Determine which type of person makes the best friend or coworker to you: party people pr structured individuals.

4. Acknowledge why you may be predisposed to certain bad habits such as not paying the bills on time. Then, you can later address these issues.

5. Become more confident and aware of your strengths.

6. Comprehend why you get emotional over certain topics and what you can do to avoid this.

7. Evaluate better why and how you can achieve your goals.

8. Find what you are truly passionate about.

9. Develop strategies that align with your interests and strengths.

10. Get a better understanding of yourself in general, and appreciate your flaws and skills.

Can Colors Really Tell Your Personality?

You cannot know everything about your personality simply from taking one test. However, this does not mean that color tests are inefficient in showing your personality traits.

In fact, you can gain immense insights from taking such a test. If you know how you relate to colors and which color best represents your personality, you can understand your sense of fashion and your musical personality.

In addition, you can also understand what environment you work best in, who you get along well with, and what your key strengths are. If you know the color that best identifies with you, you can incorporate it into your life more and feel more connected to your true, authentic self.

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