BPTLAB is an innovative personality testing solutions provider. We integrate the art and science of self-discovery and transformation through the practical application of intelligent technology and holistic people development. We support individuals and organizations that care about self-development, team health, effectiveness and wellbeing. We grow, lead and inspire a continuously learning community that seeks to build a better world through higher self-awareness.

We all deserve to be in environments that will allow us to be at our best. We believe everyone is better off when they can thrive and not just survive day-to-day life. If you’re living a good quality of your life, then so are the people around you – whether it’s friends or co-workers or community members.

While it might seem that personality quizzes are easily accessible across the internet, most of them have no claims as to their accuracy, validity and reliability. Yet if one looks for real validated psychometric assessment, it does not take look to realize that most of them are prohibilitevly expensive or difficult to access.

BestPersonalityTests was created to solve this problem by becoming a reference and access point for reliable personality tests in one place. It is line with our mission to to help people realize their full potential by understanding themselves better and build a better world by raising collective awareness.


People in BPTLAB

We are a diverse remote-only team that sets itself “moonshot” goals and works towards them together in the culture of limitless experimentation, curiosity and open-mindedness. We span different generations, time zones, educational backgrounds and geographical areas, but we are united in the lifelong pursuit of personal development.

If you share our mission and passion for personal development, we would love to see you in our team. Drop us a line here with a few words why you would be a great addition to the team and we will be glad to take the discussion forward from there. 

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