The INTP personality type is one of 16 personality types and is dubbed as ‘Thinker’ or ‘Logician’.

INTPs have a theoretical approach to life in general and love thinking of alternative ways of solving problems.

Logicians connect facts and information into a meaningful whole, trying to find the most objective and logical explanation for whatever is happening around them.

INTPs are introverts with a rich and vivid inner life. They are incessant thinkers who love looking for possibilities and innovative solutions. However, what’s happening in their head stays there as INTPs rarely share their thoughts with others.

INTPs are open-minded and flexible and show genuine interest in other people’s opinions.

INTPs rarely focus on details, as it is the big-picture that they are focused on.

Logicians are spontaneous, flexible, and free-willed, so any form of structure and planning inhibits their usual way of life.

INTPs personality types lack emotional understanding and often feel perplexed when they need to show or deal with feelings.

Logicians are incredibly independent, unconventional, and very authentic. They are generally people with complex ideas that borderline eccentricity.


While their Extraverted (E) counterparts are energized with people around them, Introverts (I) enjoy focusing on their inner world and are energized by spending time alone.


People with the Intuition (N) preference look at information based on impressions and patterns compared to their Sensing (S) counterparts who use their five senses to interpret their reality.


People who have Thinking (T) preference base their decisions on logic, facts and rules, while those with Feeling (F) preference decide based on values, beliefs, and emotions. 


A person with the Perceiving (P) preference interacts with the world in a flexible, open manner while their sequential Judging (J) peers prefer organization and order.

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