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ESFJs are natural-born leaders. They’re often referred to as the “guardians” of society, and they make sure everyone is taken care of.

ESFJs are nurturing, organized, and detail-oriented; this personality type seeks to understand their environment so that they can help maintain a sense of security and stability.

ESFJs are outgoing, loyal and organized.

They gain energy from interacting with other people and have excellent caretaking skills which make them the perfect candidate for a nursing profession.

ESFsJ personalities tend to be caring individuals who like to help others when they need it most.

ESFJ use their emotions to connect with others and use others’ emotions to make decisions.

They care about people’s feelings and want to be as supportive as possible towards them.

Their ability at reading other people without asking is certainly a type of intelligence that can prove very useful in any given social situation or setting.


While their Introverted (I) counterparts are energized by spending time alone, Extraverts (E) are energized by connecting and spending time with people around them.


As the term implies, people with Sensing (S) preference prefer details and take in and process information from the environment using their senses. Whereas, their Intuitive (N) peers prefer to process abstractions and concepts.


People who have Feeling (F) preference base their decisions on personally held values and beliefs while those with Thinking (T) preference decide based on logic and rules.


A person with Judging (J) preference are sequential people who enjoy order and structure, compared to the flexible and spontaneous Perceiving (P) types.

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