INFJ (Advocate) personality type is the rarest personality type among the 16 captured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). INFJ personality type (also known as the Advocate) is defined as someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits and characteristics.

This self-report inventory can identify one’s personality type, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. The assessment questionnaire relies on Carl Jung’s theory. As of now, the MBTI test is among the most popular psychological instruments in the world.

Only between 1 – 3% of people in the world exhibit this type of personality. Popularly referred to as “Advocates”, INFJs are an idealistic breed of humans. They are consistently gentle, creative, and caring, upholding very high moral standards in society.


Most INFJs are known introverts aka loners. Their nature keeps them focused only on their internal feelings instead of the outside stimulus.

They value their solo moments to conceptualize ideas and strengthen their limited close relationships, which shouldn’t be mistaken for social anxiety.


INFJs greatly respect and stand by their beliefs. Because of that, people tend to consider them stubborn and inflexible.

They make their decisions based on their inner convictions and intuition. Where their choices are bound to influence other people, they’ll act based on what they think others will feel. They may not even be able to explain the reasons for certain decisions apart from trusting their instincts.


INFJs are highly sensitive to other people’s feelings. At times, they end up suffering themselves when others suffer or when they want to please other people. For example, they may not say no to things they are fully aware they can’t deliver on.


Even though other personality types tend to be condescending and judgmental, INFJs are equally strong with this respect. They firmly hold their stand and know the right way of doing things.

They prefer planning and organization to flexibility. They invest a lot of time and energy to establish the best working system. They keep crafting and recrafting their priorities in life.

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