Free PTSD Test: Online Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Assessment

The PTSD test is an important tool to help you recognize and overcome your trauma. It is the first step to your growth journey. Many individuals often overlook their trauma because of shame, family troubles, or fear of how others may perceive this. 

Doing so is extremely harmful in the long term, as it can help you prevent future psychological trauma development and eases your current troubles. It is always best to consult a physician if your trauma is affecting your life. 

However, before you do that, you can take a PTSD test to get additional information on your mental health.

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How Does PTSD Test Work?

The PTSD test is an assessment that quantifies and categorizes your trauma as a result of certain events. The test does not diagnose you with any mental health condition, though. This can only be done officially through a physician.

The test functions by giving you a series of questions relating to your trauma and mental health. You will be asked to agree or disagree with certain statements, as well as rate your distress, happiness, quality of life, and other factors on a scale. 

Other questions will ask you to describe the event which causes you the stress. The test aims to see how this event still influenced your daily life. 

For instance, you may be asked about nightmares relating to your traumatic event. This will help the test evaluate how and what type of impact this event has on you. 

There are many other types of questions that could be found on the PTSD test. You may be asked to evaluate your own thoughts on yourself, if you ever thought of self-harm, if you have any related mental health disorders that play a role in your PTSD, and more.

At the end of the assessment, your results will be tallied up and compared to the results of someone with PTSD. You will be told how likely it is that you have PTSD and the type of PTSD you have. After you take some tests, there may be a list of recommendations. 

Based on your responses, the test may give you certain tips for controlling stress and emotions. However, if it is likely you have PTSD or if your mental health negatively impacts your quality of life, the test will likely recommend seeing a health professional for a thorough mental health diagnosis.

Why is PTSD Test Important & Their Benefits

PTSD is a serious condition that needs attention. Unfortunately, many people overlook their mental health for numerous reasons. 

It could be their own discomfort, the stigma around the topic, or general fear about how others might perceive them. The PTSD test can be a great first step to help you realize there is a problem. 

Plus, the problem needs attention, especially when it is as serious as your mental health. 

A few of the key benefits offered by this test include:

  • A clear understanding of your mental health troubles. Many people overlook their mental pains as a result of PTSD. This prevents them from taking action to combat this mental health issue, and leaves them in even more pain. The PTSD test helps prevent such negative outcomes.
  • Push to get professional help. After getting the previously described insights, you may become motivated to see a physician. They will help you gain even more information and may prescribe you medication to overcome PTSD.
  • Reminder to take care of yourself. You are more likely to take your mental health seriously after seeing the results of the PTSD assessment. As such, you can use the PTSD test as a form of motivation and the catalyst to overcoming your PTSD.
  • Helps you achieve your mental health goals. While the test alone cannot fix all your mental troubles, it can give you some major clues as to what you need to focus on. This will help you create more precise goals and later achieve them.
  • Helps you be clearer and comfortable with your physician. The PTSD test can give you a sampling of the questions your doctor may tell you. You will likely be more comfortable and relaxed when preparing in advance for these questions. 


For Whom Is PTSD Test?

The PTSD test can be taken by a large number of individuals. Anyone who feels like a stressful event has severely impacted their life should consider taking this assessment and seeking further mental assistance. However, there are certain groups of people who may need the PTSD test more than others.

One of these key groups is trauma survivors. If you already experienced trauma, you are at a high risk for PTSD. Most individuals recognize that their trauma and negative emotions stem from a particular event. And, it is even in the name itself: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it stems from trauma. 

The PTSD test can help you make connections between this event and your current troubles. You can better notice how it influences your daily life, and further understand what you can to do overcome this negative influence.

In addition to this, those who are experiencing significant life changes and stress can especially benefit from the PTSD test. 

Major changes provide instability and often encourage negative thinking. This could lead to you remembering trauma. When major changes are occurring in your life, it is essential to look after your mental health. The PTSD test can be an effective way to do that.


How Long Does PTSD Assessment Test Last?

There are many PTSD test versions available both online and offline. Most of them are quite quick and are able to be finished in one sitting. Some versions of the assessment can take less than 10 minutes, such as the one offered by Mental Health America. Other self-assessments may take 15 to 25 minutes.

As with all mental assessments, you cannot expect the results to stay fresh and relevant forever. Instead, you should plan to retake the test at some point. The test results should remain relevant for at least a few months. However, it depends on numerous factors, such as your career changes, family life, relationship with your mental health provider, and more.


How Accurate Is the PTSD Test?

PTSD can be an extremely accurate way to assess your PTSD symptoms. It can help motivate you to seek further help and recognize your mental stresses as legitimate. 

However, there are many slightly different PTSD tests available over the web. Some of these are less helpful and accurate than others.


PTSD Assessment FAQ

How do they test for PTSD?

There are multiple tests that psychologists use to test for PTSD. Some of the assessments include the PTSD symptom scale interview, Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5, and the Davidson Trauma Treatment for self-assessment options. These tests are all similar, but have slightly different questions. 

In the end, these tools can help psychologists gain thorough insights into the patient’s mental health. They ask questions related to the patient’s past trauma, self-assessment of emotions, among other related questions that reveal their trauma.

What are the 5 signs of PTSD?

PTSD is a serious mental condition that manifests itself differently depending on the individual afflicted with it. However, there are some signs you should look out for. 

The five most common warning signs to be aware of include: an event occurring which is perceived to be life-threatening, consistently thinking about past trauma, trying to avoid external reminders of the traumatic event, being hyper-vigilant and/or suffering from intense anxiety, as well as constantly changing in your thinking and feeling patterns.

How do I know if I am suffering from PTSD?

Individuals who suffer from PTSD often experience a variety of symptoms. As such, the best way to determine if you are suffering from PTSD or any mental health condition is to visit a psychologist or other licensed mental health professional. 

They may administer an assessment, go through a therapy session, or simply ask you a few questions to reach a diagnosis. Before you go to a physician, you may want to take a PTSD test online, just to get additional information on your mental struggles. Remember, though, that no test will replace a licensed professional’s diagnosis.

Can I self-diagnose myself with PTSD?

You cannot officially diagnose yourself with PTSD. But, that does not mean self-assessments are useless. In fact, many online assessments can help you better understand your symptoms, empower you to take them seriously, and schedule an appointment with a licensed psychologist or similar mental health specialist. Only licensed mental health professionals such as psychologists can officially diagnose you with PTSD.