Enneagram Fives are defined by their desire to conserve their energy and to avoid being drained by engagement with the outside world. They focus on being knowledgeable and competent so that they can be as self-sufficient as possible.

Fives enjoy deepening their understanding of the world, expanding their intellect, while minimizing their physical and relationship needs.

They are also known as the loner, the investigator, or the thinker. Enneagram Type 5 make up approximately 10% of the population. 

Core Motivation

Fives want to understand the environment to have everything under control. They do this through knowledge as a defense mechanism against threats or adversities in their environment.

Desires & Needs

The Thinkers are constantly working to acquire more knowledge and learn new skills due to their constant desire to feel useful and competent. For them, nothing is more important than their intellectual development, as they unconsciously compensate for their emotional disconnection by taking refuge in intellectual life.


Avoiding feelings and relationships, the Enneagram type 5s feels a deep sense of emptiness. They fear being incompetent and useless and never finding a place in the world or among people. 

Communication Style

Being clear, analytical and fond of deep and enriching conversations, the Enneagram type 5 may be perceived by others as distant, overly analytical and emotionally disconnected. 

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