ESTP stands for Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving. ESTPs are logical, decisive, and quick to take action. They enjoy the present moment, living in the here-and-now.

They are spontaneous and experiential learners who like to create their fun adventures through life by experimenting with different ideas and methods.

The individual enjoys being around other people and prefers action to introspection.

They may feel a sense of urgency or spontaneity when they interact with others which can lead them to impulsive decisions.

This person uses their five senses externally to take in information from their surrounding world and show interest in what’s going on outside themselves.

People with ESTP personalities naturally make quick decisions because it feels natural to be proactive rather than reactive; this can sometimes lead them into rash decisions.

ESTPs are outgoing and adventurous individuals who enjoy going after what they want in life through experimentation with different methods and ideas while still maintaining a balance between having fun along the way and following rules when necessary.


While their Introverted (I) counterparts are energized by spending time alone, Extraverts (E) are energized by connecting and spending time with people around them.


As the term implies, people with Sensing (S) preference prefer details and take in and process information from the environment using their senses. Whereas, their Intuitive (N) peers prefer to process abstractions and concepts.


People who have Thinking (T) preference base their decisions on logic, facts and rules, while those with Feeling (F) preference decide based on values, beliefs, and emotions. 


A person with the Perceiving (P) preference interacts with the world in a flexible, open manner while their sequential Judging (J) peers prefer organization and order.

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