Perfectionists, who are strong in, first, Compliance (C) and, second, Dominance (D), represent meticulous and structured individuals who typically maintain objectivity and are task-oriented.

Perfectionists are not one to settle for second best in your work or personal life, so they are always looking for ways to improve the situation – or the processes and practices that created it.

 Perfectionists are driven by a methodical and analytical mindset, which makes them ideal for stubbornly rooting out problems and finding solutions. But sometimes they struggle with communicating the necessary changes in a diplomatic or empathic way.

How they relate to others

Relating to others (at least on a personal level) is not a high priority for this type of person. When communication with others is essential, Perfectionists tend to be brief and succinct, focusing on practical matters. This type of individual is quite distrustful of others, and will prefer to keep facts to themselves unless absolutely necessary.

What they are good at

Perfectionists are motivated by achievement and efficiency, similar to all personalities containing a high level of Dominance. In this case, however, this is modulated by the presence of a high Compliance factor, which also lends Perfectionists an interest in detail and precision. A noticeable element of this type, for example, is their tendency to correct other people when they make errors, even to the point of highlighting mistakes that others might regard as trivial or unimportant. Nonetheless, this combination of efficiency and precision can be an effective one, and their bluntly assertive style helps them to achieve difficult tasks by sheer force of character.

What motivates them

Perfectionists are complex in terms of motivation. In common with other highly dominant types, they have a desire for personal achievement and success, but they also like to feel that they are completing assignments or projects accurately and efficiently. The naturally inexpressive style of this personality can make it difficult to detect whether or not they are motivated in any particular set of circumstances.

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